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Common Questions

Why book a medical massage session when I can go to any spa?

Spa massage and medical massage may feel similar but there is, in fact, a difference.  Here are three important ways that medical massage is different:

  1. It is evidence-based.  Even though we still provide stress relief and overall relaxation, medical massage focuses primarily on medical need.  Our services help manage pain, reduce inflammation, relieve nerve compression, alleviate or lessen symptoms caused by chemotherapy and/or surgeries.  We choose to work in tandem with medical professionals, physical therapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, etc... to create a team of professionals that all work with you, providing whole-body care.

  2. We employ several different techniques, such as, percussive therapy, hydrotherapy, cryotherapy, orthopedic assessments and testing.  Our therapists have been trained in remedial exercises to build strength and even out muscle imbalances.  All of these techniques can be discussed with you during your visit or you can contact us here.

  3. It includes specific follow-up recommendations and sometimes referrals.  Yes, we like to give our clients homework.  Post-session homework is advisable in order to keep your recovery moving forward while providing longer lasting results.  Also, it is a wonderful opportunity for you to be involved in your care constructively.  You are a vital member of your wellness care team as well!

Why should I schedule regular massages?

There is more to massage therapy than lavish treatments in luxurious spa settings, although very enjoyable.  Instead, consider it an essential asset to your physical and mental health - an investment in your well-being.  Regularly scheduled massage sessions can improve the body's ability to manage stress and chronic pain.

Integrating a massage routine into your life can be vastly beneficial:

  • Lowers heart rate - affecting blood pressure

  • Manages pain and releases tension

  • Reduces inflammation

  • Decreases cortisol levels (stress)

  • Increases flexibility

  • Reduces anxiety

  • Enhances circulation and energy

This is my first time receiving Medical Massage Therapy... What should I expect?

Prior to the session, you will receive an electronic intake form via email which you will fill out.  This can be completed in office but doing this ahead of your visit will give your therapist the time they need to understand your needs.  It also provides us time to contact your doctor or specialist to discuss any contraindications for treatment.  The initial visit lasts 90 minutes beginning with a consultation, or discussion, reviewing your medical history, chief concern(s), and goal(s) for your session.  Assessments such as measuring your range of motion along with orthopedic testing to collect data, such as, muscle imbalances/weaknesses are also completed at this time.  Medical massage is conducted with you fully clothed on a massage table or chair.  This allows for more time and focus on the treatment while respecting your modesty.  It is advised that you wear a loose, comfortable cotton t-shirt and cotton lounge pants or shorts.  A small amount of lotion may be used in areas of the neck, feet and hands if necessary.  Session notes are taken by the therapist and retained to note any changes, improvements, etc.  *This collection of data is vital to our client's personalized care and can be shared with one's medical or insurance provider.*  Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.  Prenatal massage requires an OB/GYN or physician’s approval and must be after the first trimester.

*Treatment plan and goals may shift and change depending on results at each session.*

Do you accept health insurance?

*Currently, we do not accept insurance.  Although, you should discuss medical massage treatments with your doctor or specialist.  When they refer you to Wexford Medical Massage it opens communication between us and your medical team.  This ensures that you receive the utmost care as well as a treatment plan specifically tailored for you.

*We have the necessary documents to correspond with medical professionals and insurance providers.

How does Medical Massage "fill the gap in healthcare"?

Medicine has advanced incredibly since its inception.  However, over the years there's been less focus on a whole-body approach to care as well as the power of human touch.  Complementary therapies such as massage, acupuncture and yoga treat healthcare as a whole-body approach.  This is where collaboration proves paramount in healthcare and how Medical Massage Therapy came to be.  When healthcare providers and medical massage therapists communicate and work together they can be more effective in healing patients safely.  Medical Massage therapists will actively listen to your health concerns, collaborate with your healthcare team, and work within their scope of practice (industry knowledge along with specific limitations of massage), providing a safely tailored treatment plan for each and every client.  Your health should be supervised and treated by a team of specialists.  We all know there's no "I" in team!

You mentioned "scope of practice", what is that?

Scope of practice is knowing what we can do as medical massage therapists as well as what our limitations are, per PA's State Massage Licensing Board.  Here's a list of such limitations:

  • We do not diagnose, we evaluate.

  • We do not "crack" or adjust the spine.  This is not a chiropractor's office but we are happy to refer you to one!

  • We do not prescribe medication, holistic or pharmaceutical, nor offer medical treatments but will consult with your healthcare team to provide integrative care.*

*Massage therapy, whether therapeutic or medical, should not be used in place of medical care or medication by a medical doctor or specialist.*

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