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Wexford Medical Massage

Integrative Care

Our Story

Wexford Medical Massage was founded by Hailey Corton in an effort to bridge the gap in healthcare for those suffering from chronic pain and disease.  Her experience with treating patients at the Integrative Health Department within Allegheny Health Network revealed the dire need for massage therapy in healthcare.

We believe that you are more than a diagnosis or a host of symptoms.  You are a whole person in need of whole care.  This is not your typical massage practice, it's integrative care.  Wellness is possible when Eastern and Western Healthcare work in unison.

What makes Medical Massage Therapy different?

Medical Massage is an umbrella term for the modalities used to manage chronic pain and assist rehabilitation.  We gather information from your medical history, current health status and concerns.  Certified Medical Massage therapists have advanced training in anatomy, kinesiology and pathology with respect to their scope of practice.  We are trained in orthopedic assessment testing and remedial exercises to provide specific care.


Common conditions presented in our office:

  • fibromyalgia

  • scoliosis

  • sports injury/overuse injury

  • osteoarthritis

  • whiplash/post-concussion syndrome

  • temporomandibular joint disfunction (TMJ/TMD)

  • carpal tunnel syndrome

  • piriformis syndrome

We will work with your healthcare team to ensure our treatments are safely tailored to your specific needs.

Questions? Visit our FAQs page or fill out our contact form below!

Why Wexford Medical Massage?

Medical Massage Certified

Massage College Professor

Proficiency with Pro Athletes

Bachelor's of Science

Health & Wellness

17+ yrs Experience

600+ training hrs

Wexford Medical Massage

Avg 5 yrs experience

600 training hrs

Typical Spa Franchise


Our space is open to all who seek wellness.

"Without reservation, I would highly recommend a medical massage from Hailey! She was thorough in getting to know and understand my physical needs and met those needs while helping me to relax." - A. H.

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